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How to Improve Attention Span of a Child

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

As a culture, we’ve got a crisis of attention. With this growing culture of distractions, many parents are worried about their child not being able to concentrate on a given activity for a particular period of time. This could be due to various reasons:

1. The child is not interested in that activity.

2. The child doesn’t enjoy being with the person who is conducting the activity.

3. The activity is too simple or too difficult for the child.

4. The child is unwell or sleepy.

5. The child likes the activity, but at that point of time wants to do something else.

6. The child hasn’t developed the required level of concentration yet.

7. The child has not been given enough activities to practice it so isn’t confident enough.

8. There are too many distractions in the environment.

9. The adults around the child set a bad example by not being disciplined and flit from one thing to another.

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“When solving problems, dig at the roots, instead of just hacking at the leaves.” Here are simple methods to increase the concentration of your child which will act as stepping stones towards creating a focused child in the future:

1. Provide them with age appropriate and just enough material. Too many things will make them distracted and they might want to move from one thing to the other.

2. Develop a bond with the child where he enjoys doing things with you.

3. Involve the child in creating something – with blocks or creating a game with what he has. 4. Avoid diverting them when engrossed in a play or activity.

5. Make sure the child is well rested and had enough to eat before starting any activity.

6. Set an example by making it an unsaid rule that whatever we start we must complete and put away before moving on to the next.

Read a wide variety of stories to the child – from folk tales to fairy tales that will help increase the scope of their imagination and ability to listen.

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Education is a joyful experience. It is about preparing a child for life. The years a child spends at pre-school, are some the most impressionable years of his/her life. Research says that 98% of a child’s brain development happens in the first five years and hence these are the foundational years.

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